I am tired

  • Fucking Teamwork.
  • I am a dedicated National Socialist.
  • She, an Indian girl, is so smart and beautiful, but a bit dark…
  • My parents give their full support to me, and place the full pressure on me, and vice versa.
  • I like Travis, as I used to love Alpha, Beta and Falcon. Now I like Travis more than any guy else.
  • Yangzhi, take care of yourself. If I did not meet you four years ago, I may give up now. However, I did meet you. I do miss you.
  • Luis told me: “Brazil is my natural mother. America is my adoptive mother. If I have to choose one and give up the other, I prefer my adoptive mother.” – Brazil admits double nationality, but China does not.
  • I feel so tired

5 thoughts on “I am tired”

  1. 第二条和第四条的最后半句看不懂。。。。。。你是不想让你parents看。。所以整个英文的么。。。

  2. II. I am a dedicated National Socialist.——我是一个坚定的国家社会主义者,希特勒的忠实拥趸。昨天不想写中文,就用英文写了……看心情吧

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